John John Festival profile

Three piece Japanese Irish & pop music band
- fiddle/vocals, guitar/vocals, and bodhran -
John John Festival is fast becoming most popular Irish band in Japan.
With rhythm, melody and emotion in a genuine groove their mutual ease
and happiness makes the audience happy too.
“Make us and them happy” is their musical mind set.
Their story began Jan 2010
and in the short time since they have released 4 albums,
joined 3 other musicians' albums, many festivals,
also overseas festivals too.

illawarra folk festival (Australia, 2014)
Celtic Colours(Canada 2016)
Since June 2014, took 2 years break, they come back in 2016.
The new CD is coming up soon, produced by Shinsuke Sasakura.






John* (Mana Okubo) : fiddle, vocal


Annie (Hirofumi Nakamura) : guitar, vocal


ToshiBodhran : bodhran, percussion


John John Festival CD

JohnJohnFestival 1st album "JohnJohnFestival"


01 E waltz

02 annie's love

03 JJF

04 sally gally

05 above & beyond

06 canoa / breton

07 selma


1,3,4,5,6(breton),7 traditional tunes

2,6(canoa) original tunes

track 2 composed by annie, track 6 canoa composed by toshi



Rutsuko Kumasaka:piano accordion(on track4,5,7)

Tomosuke Tajima:drums,percussion(on track3,4,7)

Koji Shimakawa:hung drums(on track5)


designed by Reiko Nishimura

recorded by Kazunari Motoki&Koji Shimakawa(cosmic soul) 

mixed&mastered by Kazunari Motoki


itunes down load   (try to listen!!)

JohnJohnFestival 2nd album "Songs & Tunes"


01 Futari no kotoba   (music and words by Toshi Motooka)

02 Hey John Joe   (music by Toshi Motooka & John John Festival)

03 Second star   (by G.Tate/ trad) 

04 Christmas eve   (trad)

05 Omoide no uta   (music and words by Toshi Motooka)

06 One two polka   (by Toshi Motooka / Mick McAuley / Nathaniel Gow)

07 I was wrong in soul   (music and words by Toshi Motooka)

08 A whole life of a bird   (trad / by Josephine Keegan / Preston Howard)

09   Aube Mauve   ( by Gordon Gunn / Soig Siberil)

10   Old film story   (music=trad "Easy and Slow" / words by Toshi Motooka )



Tomosuke Tajima:drums,percussion chorus (on track2,3,4,5,6,7,10)

Azumi Miyata:contrabass, chorus (on track1,5,7,10)

Naomi Nakahara:uilleann pipes, whistles, chorus (on track3,4,6,10)

Reiko Nishimura : fiddle (on track3)


designed and illustration by Reiko Nishimura

recorded by Satoru Fujii, Shinsuke Sasakura

mixed&mastered by Satoru Fujii


itunes down load  (try to listen!)

SASAKLA & John John Festival 1st album "Trek Trek"


01  The garden of cranberry  (music and words by SASAKLA)

02  The water is wide  (trad)

03  The floating mountains  (by James Fagan / trad / Gordon MacLean)

04  Trek Trek  (music and words by SASAKLA)

05  By the time it gets dark  (music and words by Sandy Denny)

06  The sailing song  (music and words by SASAKLA)


SASAKLA : vocal, guitar

john* : fiddle, percussion, chorus

annie : guitar, mandolin, accordion, chorus

toshibodhran : bodhran, percussion, chorus

Tomosuke Tajima : percussion


Mixed by Shinsuke Sasakura

Mastered by Toru Kotetsu

Illustrated by danny

Designed by Ryu Mieno

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